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This is an 8-part television docu-drama produced by Essential Media in Sydney for the Seven Network Australia.

Several companies in Australia were approached While there was some degree of negotiation it became clear that another solution was needed for the bulk of the effects work.

We were asked to look at options and approached several companies in the Manila with which we had previously worked and see if we could develop sufficient momentum by sharing the workload

These initial talks led to ballpark quotes and creative submissions of past work by 5 companies. Eventually 4 of these companies agreed to become involved and take on what would prove to become a very challenging and much larger project tan had been anticipated at the outset.

While a massive amount of reference resources was supplied the scope of work involved and expectations changed throughout the process; creative briefings were somewhat tentative and in order to facilitate the overall management of asset builds, common textures and maintain a coherency to the project we maintained a supervisory presence in manila with daily updates to Sydney.

The end result has been a triumph of collaboration, tenacity and management of various and disparate resources between four companies which have proved they can deliver the goods for complex international projects, working remotely (with localised supervision) and delivering to a high standard.

Australia: The Story of Us
  • DATE

    2014 & 2015




    Essential Media


    Essential Media

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